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Wet Knot - Building Brands

It is much harder to untie a wet knot.

That´s what we do - fostering strong ties between brands and their clients, which transfer into a sustainable growth of the business.

After spending years in marketing, communications and design teams of some of the world's greatest brands, we decided to share the knowledge and help other brands become better and achieve their goals.

Please check our video work.

What We Do

No matter if you are a startup or a multinational corporation, we have a set of actions that will make your brand better and more relevant today.

Brand Identity

A well-defined brand is a stronghold of your business. It differentiates you from the competition and acts as a lighthouse in the busy sea of commercialism.
Whether you just started a business, want to introduce a new brand, or 15 years ago haven't had time for it, we will define all aspects of your brand identity, including visual and all other elements.

Brand Building

We will first understand you and the goals on your plate, then propose a chain of moves to propel your brand. It is a process. Sending consistent messages aligned to your brand identity is fuel for the brand awareness and growth of the business.
Marketing strategy and plan? Yes, definitely.


Times change, so do we. Your products or services and your audience are probably not the same as they used to be 5 or 10 years ago.
Let's draw a line and see where your brand stands now and we will tell you how to go further.

Business Video Production

The majority of people today will rather watch a 2-minute video than read the text on the same topic.
From action events to corporate interviews, new product releases and video testimonials, we will be able to accommodate all.
We create sincere video stories that audiences recognize and associate with.

Our Values





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Decades ago, we fell in love with brands and their power of influencing our lives. Let's build yours.



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